07 October 2010

Patrizia Pepe - Firenze

An interpretation of an advertisement created w/ watercolor pencils on bristol.

01 October 2010

A collection of half-finished sketches for International Citizen!

An Old Parisian Lady

Just having some fun w/ a watercolor mark! Used the stamp from an exhibition at the Legion of Honor - SF, - Paris - City of Lights.

29 September 2010


A watercolor, ink, and bristol paper creation for my partner and I's company, International Citizen Design House, LLC.

27 May 2010

Miss Cravat

Watercolor on Bristol, pastel and metallic pen for highlights! Could be another interesting book!

The Birch Forest Witch

While creating this image, I kept thinking of folklore and fairy tales and thought this could be a really great children's book- therefore I added the title to the image. It was done in a series of steps, both running ladies were painted in different mediums and techniques as well as the "witch" on the right. The Birch trees were painted leather on a watercolor background and everything was composed in Photoshop. Was quite fun and I can imagine the image coming to life!

Decorative Profile

This is actually a thumbnail from a composition w/ faces done in watercolor and pencil as I was talking on the phone - well the color was added after, ha ha!

15 May 2010

Red Hat

A combination of many techniques - watercolor and colored pencil on bristol, watercolor on cut leather for the hat, Photoshop for the outline and composition, and plain old No. 2 pencil on the face!


Watercolor wash mixed w/ pencil on bristol - playing with variations of pigment and directing the flow of water!

19 April 2010

Miyake watercolor

This image is created with a panye's grey watercolor wash on bristol. Based off of an Issey Miyake dress design.

More sketches

Above: Sketches from a Fall 2009 Ralph Lauren men's fashion show.
Below: Copic markers and colored pencil on tracing paper - nice luminosity, but not so good for skin texture!!!

Accessories lady!

A test with different accessory textures - patent leather gloves, croc. belt, etc. for added interest.

Ralph Lauren Watercolor

08 April 2010

TSE Interpretation

Study of a TSE advertisement created with Payne's Gray watercolor wash on bristol.

07 April 2010

Dior Watercolor

Interpretation of a Christian Dior advertisement - watercolor on bristol.

06 April 2010

Red Hair

A combination of Nate's concept art techniques in the background with my running red haired girl in a huge dress!

29 March 2010

25 March 2010