19 April 2010

Miyake watercolor

This image is created with a panye's grey watercolor wash on bristol. Based off of an Issey Miyake dress design.

More sketches

Above: Sketches from a Fall 2009 Ralph Lauren men's fashion show.
Below: Copic markers and colored pencil on tracing paper - nice luminosity, but not so good for skin texture!!!

Accessories lady!

A test with different accessory textures - patent leather gloves, croc. belt, etc. for added interest.

Ralph Lauren Watercolor

08 April 2010

TSE Interpretation

Study of a TSE advertisement created with Payne's Gray watercolor wash on bristol.

07 April 2010

Dior Watercolor

Interpretation of a Christian Dior advertisement - watercolor on bristol.

06 April 2010

Red Hair

A combination of Nate's concept art techniques in the background with my running red haired girl in a huge dress!